Meghan Markle wins big

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Meghan Markle successfully enthralled Prince Harry with her antics

Meghan Markle wins big against Prince William, Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle is believed to be Prince Harry’s number one priority as he is ready to risk it all for his beloved wife.

The Duke of Sussex has made a life with the duchess and their two kids in the opulent neighbourhood of Montecito, California after stepping down from his position in the royal family in 2020.

Speaking to OK! magazine, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed Harry surely regrets losing his relationship with older brother Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate.

However, she noted his regret comes later than his love for Meghan, who he prioritises above everyone else.

“Who knows what goes on in Harry’s heart or mind?” wondered Bond in conversation with the outlet.

“I’m sure he must feel sad that he is estranged from two people who were once so important in his life [William and Kate],” she continued, “but he must surely have come to accept that he is the one who has deepened the rift with his allegations, publications and revelations.

Peacemaker' Princess Kate could heal rift with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Royal | News |

“He probably does miss her but he has the woman who is the most important in his life and, understandably, he is prioritising Meghan over everyone and everything else,” the royal expert added./

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