THE KIDS ARE GROWING UP SO FAST Prince Louis dances, yawns and plays with curtain cords

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Appearing at the parade celebrating King Charles III’s birthday on the morning of June 15th, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis seemed cheerful, well-behaved, under the guidance of Kate.

The Princess of Wales walks into the building at Horse Guards Parade with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

George, Charlotte, and Louis wore tonal navy and white outfits for the event.

The little prince even appeared to make cancer-stricken Kate burst out laughing, with an adorable photo showing the mother and son sharing a humorous moment. AP

George, Charlotte, and Louis sat with their mother, the Princess of Wales, in the Glass Coach during the procession along The Mall – marking the beginning of the Trooping the Colour ceremony in honor of the King’s birthday.

While Kate sat next to Louis to watch over the youngest, George and Charlotte sat opposite, comfortably watching the parade.

Known for her confidence and maturity at a young age, Princess Charlotte maintained a cheerful demeanor in front of the public.

The little prince looked dapper in a black blazer and blue tie. UK Press via Getty Images

Meanwhile, Louis sat attentively on the carriage instead of being mischievous as usual. The 6-year-old prince wore a suit and tie, matching his older brother George’s formal attire. Occasionally, he would make faces or yawn like other children his age.

Instead of riding on regular horse-drawn carriages as in previous years, this year, due to rain, the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children were shielded in the famous Glass Coach. This carriage, dating back to 1881, was used for the coronation procession of King George V in 1911. It has also transported numerous royal brides to their wedding venues, including Princess Anne (1973), Princess Diana (1981), and Sarah Ferguson (1986).

King Charles III and Queen Camilla rode in another gilded horse-drawn carriage. Due to his cancer treatment, the 75-year-old monarch shifted from plans to ride a horse to sitting in the carriage with his wife.

William wore the honorary rank of Major of the Welsh Guards, riding on horseback with Princess Anne and Prince Edward during the parade.

After the carriage procession, Kate and George, Louis, and Charlotte were taken back to Buckingham Palace.

The family continued to watch the performance from the balcony of the General’s Office.

In a lighthearted video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Prince Louis was captured swaying his hips to the band’s music. While his playful dance moves amused his mother, Kate Middleton, his older sister Princess Charlotte appeared unimpressed. The 9-year-old princess was seen telling Louis to “stop,” engaging in a brief exchange with him.

Prince Louis plays with curtain cord

The young royal was seen playing with the cord of a blind as he interacted with his mother in a candid moment…

Prince Louis yawns during Trooping the Colour

…and yawns.

Prince George, who is second in line to the throne, appeared to reach almost to his mom's shoulders — no small feat given that she stands close to 6 feet tall in heels.

Prince George, who is second in line to the throne, appeared to reach almost to his mom’s shoulders — no small feat given that she stands close to 6 feet tall in heels.

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